Hey Hey EC

Hi guys! These past two weeks has been nothing but hectic with my return to classes for the fall semester. If you want to be technical, the FDOC was a week ago tomorrow, but I have been making the habitual drive to campus a full ten days days before then. Why, you may ask? I have only two words for you: Band. Camp.

Yes, the Marching Pirates have kicked off our annual preseason camp, which ended last Sunday. If I have to be up front about it, it was the LONGEST week of my life. I had to be there for two extra days because I am a section leader for the season (Bone Squad, HOO RA), but that wasn’t what made the week long. Nope. It was the heat. The good ol’ Eastern Carolina humid heat, with a triple heat index on top. I’m telling you, I was sweating EVERYWHERE. The day started at eight-thirty in the morning and I would be lucky if I got home by ten at night. My sports bra would still be sweat soaked by then…

So now that classes are starting to creep their way back into my daily ritual, I am going to have less and less time to write new posts. Sigh. With that being said, here is a compiled list of goals I have for the upcoming academic school year.

  1. Become a better musician; with barriers coming up at the end, my major depends on this.
  2. Learn how to manage stress and continue not to perform reckless acts of abandonment on my body.
  3. Become more active in Tau Beta Sigma.
  4. Strive to become as healthy as I can be; physically, mentally, and emotionally/spiritually.
  5. Make and strengthen my friendships.
  6. And most importantly… Survive.

Hey Hey EC, let’s make this year a cool (ha) one…

-Emilee Manning

PS- Please excuse my terrible use of puns. You will see lots of these.

Hey Hey EC

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