Resolutions? Resolutions.

Okay, I’ll admit it. Another beginning to a year has come and gone and I’m a sucker for those New Year Resolutions that almost everyone claims to adopt only to drop them at least a few weeks later. There’s something refreshing and exciting about setting new goals that may just improve the quality of your life (fitness and financial resolutions, I’m looking at you). As for me, I also use them as a point of evaluation. How was the previous year of my life? Was it meaningful? Was I successful? What could have gone better? Some years, such as the last one; make me feel like I’ve won the jackpot. Others, not so much.

So what exactly are my resolutions this year? Most of them are pretty expected such as getting in shape, making money, and excelling in academic studies, etc. I had a standout year as far as health was concerned so I simply made a goal to just get stronger this year. I’m also going vegetarian for a month to add a little twist.┬áMy other resolutions are to curse less (sorry Mom!), simply improve my musicianship (we need a lot of this to succeed as music majors), and to keep more positive and healthy relationships not only with other people, but also myself. It also couldn’t hurt to read more; my bookshelves are looking a little sad right now.

Conclusion: So with a little more body awareness, self acceptance, and respect, I know that I am in for a stellar 2016. Happy New Years Guys!


Resolutions? Resolutions.